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Barker Publishing, LLC (Barker Books®) is a Limited Liability Company incorporated in the state of Nevada, United States of America, with registration certificate B202302033366854 and operating license NV20232690612, issued by the Secretary of State of the State of Nevada. Same that can be checked at https://www.nvsos.gov. In Mexico, Barker & Jules, S. de R.L. de C.V., is a Variable Capital Limited Liability Company with Federal Taxpayer Registry BAJ200205UV2. Both companies are registered with and under the license of Barker & Jules, LLC.

By entering and using the websites https://barkerbooks.com and https://barkerandjules.com, owned and managed by Barker Books®, BARKER PUBLISHING LLC company, the user accepts the Terms and Conditions of Use contained in this contract and expressly declares its acceptance, always abiding by the laws that your country has in terms of content and contracting of electronic services. Intellectual Property – BARKER PUBLISHING, LLC, the website, its logos and all material that appears on said site are trademarks, content, domain names, notices and trade names owned by their respective owners and are protected by international treaties and applicable laws on industrial property.

The copyright on the content, organization, collection, compilation, information, logos, photographs, images, programs, applications, privacy notices and, in general, any information contained or published on the website are duly protected in favor of their respective owners and properly licensed in accordance with the applicable legislation on intellectual and industrial property. The user is expressly prohibited from modifying, altering or deleting, either totally or partially, the notices, brands, trade names, signs, advertisements, logos, privacy notices, courses, agendas or in general any indication that refers to the ownership of the information contained in the designated site.

Purpose of the website: Barker Books® begins with the purpose of helping anyone to publish their book, offering each and every one of the professional services of an editorial edition: and typographic orthographic, editorial design, translation, text writing. , etc., as well as the publication of the contents in the most positioned bookstores in the world, creating a distribution network, through the Internet, digitally and in print under the “On demand” modality in the channels that offer this option. In addition, this page provides space for the dissemination of literature, ranging from all kinds of literary and research genres, to photographs and audiovisual content, as well as relevant information on literature and the world of writing through our blog. Our services are offered to a wide spectrum of clients, as they are intended for anyone who wants to publish their book independently. SALES TO MINORS: Barker Books® does not intentionally sell to minors, so it is recommended that parents or guardians carry out the activities of purchasing products or registering on the website.

PAYMENTS: On the website of this company you will find services that are accessed through different payment systems that are detailed below. Once the purchase is made, the subscription will be made automatically, being able to enjoy the new services for the contracted period of time. The user agrees not to make fraudulent transactions. It is warned that any indication of fraud will be put into the knowledge of the authorities. Once the period for which the user has contracted the services has expired, automatic renewals will not take place, but the user will be the one who must expressly request its renewal and its conditions.

For language economy purposes, the following terms will be used in the following document:

  1. THE CLIENT: Refers to the author or author of the book, text or work.
  2. THE COMPANY: Refers to the group of companies Barker Publishing, LLC and Barker & Jules, S. de R.L. de C.V.
  3. THE PLATFORMS: Refers to Amazon®, Amazon Kindle®, Amazon KDP®, Barnes&Noble®, Barker & Jules®, BarkerBooks®, Apple Books® and other distribution platforms that may emerge in the future.
  4. THE FORM: Refers to the Welcome Form that is sent to THE CLIENT once they have paid for the hired services. In this form, all the general data of the author are entered, as well as the details of the book. In addition, within it, the text file of the book is loaded in Microsoft Word (.docx) or Google Docs.
  5. THE ADMINISTRATION: Refers to the General Administration and Management of THE COMPANY.
  6. ROYALTIES: Refers to the payment of Royalties derived from the sale of books within THE PLATFORMS.



In case of hiring this service, THE CLIENT and THE COMPANY undertake the following:

  1. The first phase the text will go through will be copyediting and editorial correction. Once this process is finished, the text will go through the process of interior design (layout) and cover design. As soon as the book is finished, THE CLIENT will be sent a DEMO (draft) of it for review and approval. THE CLIENT will have a period of 96 hours (4 calendar days) to make any observations and/or corrections in writing, if necessary. In these corrections, THE COMPANY does not commit to making changes that involve modifications to the content, whether they are an increase in text of more than 1 paragraph, deletion of text, name changes, character changes, ending changes, etc., since the written text that THE COMPANY receives for its spelling correction is the final version of THE CLIENT. In the event that THE CLIENT does not deliver his observations in this aforementioned period, THE COMPANY is not committed to the delivery date, since the times of the operation team that are scheduled are delayed.
  2. In the event that the client has cited material available for free on the Internet, or used images extracted from the network, he agrees to provide the team designated to work on his work, the sources or permissions for the use of intellectual property. If the client omits this highly important information, the company reserves the right to reject or stop the process, without refund of payment. Similarly, THE COMPANY reserves the right to publish the book on the THE PLATFORMS if they do not accept the book due to some kind of plagiarism within the content.
  3. If THE CLIENT’s text exceeds the amount of 450 pages in Word format, THE COMPANY may extend 15 business days for the final delivery and publication of the book. If THE CLIENT’s text contains mathematical or graphic formulas in more than 30% of the document, THE COMPANY may take 30 business days for the final delivery and publication of the book.
  4. The client has the option of contracting the proofreading for his book. This has an additional cost to what is agreed in this document and THE CLIENT will have to contact the sales team to add the service. The extra cost will depend on the total number of final pages once laid out.


In case of hiring this service, THE CLIENT and THE COMPANY undertake the following:

  1. Once the aforementioned process of WORLDWIDE PUBLISHING in English is finished, we will proceed with the translation of your final text. This will be sent to THE CLIENT for review and will have a maximum period of 7 calendar days to make any observations and/or corrections in writing. If THE COMPANY is not notified within this period, it will be deemed notified, the text will be approved and the final publication process will continue in the English version. If the client requests more time, they will only have to request it from the customer service area. In the event that THE CLIENT does not deliver his observations in this aforementioned period, THE COMPANY is not committed to the delivery date, since the times of the operation team that are scheduled are delayed.
  2. THE CLIENT undertakes to respond in writing to any doubts that the translator may have during the translation process.


At the end of the process derived from this instrument, THE COMPANY undertakes to deliver to THE CLIENT an operating manual with both general and specific information. This will serve THE CLIENT to teach him to be able to manipulate the different digital platforms where his book will be published.

In the same way, THE COMPANY will deliver to THE CLIENT the final files in their entirety that include:

  1. PDFs with and without cutting lines (ideal for printing and digital distribution).
  2. Digital book in ePub (eBook) format ready for any electronic device.
  3. 3D book promo video file. 4K video quality.
  4. Images for Facebook® and Instagram® posts for distribution on social networks.
  5. Final cover, spine and back cover file in high quality.
  6. Files editable in Adobe InDesign® and Adobe Photoshop®. These will help you in case you want to make changes in the future.
  7. Screenshot of people reached on the 20 days of Digital Marketing on Facebook® & Instagram®.
  8. Author Interview File edited for digital distribution.


  1. THE CLIENT, when making the payment (whether in advance or in full), fully accepts that the PAYMENT DATES ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE under any circumstances and undertakes to respect them. Otherwise the company reserves the right to suspend the project or publication of the book. Similarly, if payment is not made 3 BUSINESS DAYS after the stipulated date, THE COMPANY will register THE CLIENT’s Book Copyrights in its name and THE CLIENT will lose the rights to his work until he makes the payment in full.
  2. Promotions or discounts, if any, are not cumulative.
  3. THE CLIENT undertakes to send THE FORM no later than 48 business hours after the pay. If after this period or for some external reason THE CLIENT does not send THE FORM, the payment made WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. If THE CLIENT requires more time to deliver the manuscript, THE COMPANY may grant an additional delivery extension as long as it is communicated in writing to sales@barkerbooks.com in advance (maximum waiting time per manuscript will be 3 months after making the payment). This does not incur any additional charges. Complying with this requirement helps us schedule the operation team and avoid delays with other authors.
  4. If THE CLIENT requires an invoice just send an email to sales@barkerbooks.com and the Invoice will be sent by email.


  1. THE COMPANY is governed by its internal regulations Moral Code and Good Customs. If THE CLIENT were to disrespect, either physically, verbally or in writing, any employee of THE COMPANY, THE EMPLOYEE will notify THE ADMINISTRATION. This, after the pertinent investigation, will notify THE CLIENT and will immediately terminate the contract with it. In case of incurring in this fault, THE CLIENT will lose the right to a refund of the money paid and publication of his book.
  2. Business hours are from MONDAY TO FRIDAY from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Central Time CST), with hours to take food from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. We respectfully request not to contact the operational team outside of these hours.
  3. The previews released by the platforms are not the responsibility of THE COMPANY and we have no control or way of obtaining them. The image that THE PLATFORMS generate for their books is not derived from our choice and therefore we do not rely on them. THE PLATFORMS generate them automatically from the cover that is uploaded for distribution and publication.
  4. Amazon’s requirement for paperback book publication: Have a minimum of 24 pages and a maximum of 828.
  5. Amazon’s requirement for hardcover book publication: Have a minimum of 76 pages and a maximum of 566.
  6. Requirement of images for Cover or Covers already designed: File in JPG or PNG in high resolution (minimum 150 dpi).
  7. Requirement of Images for Interiors (model): File in JPG or PNG in high resolution (minimum 150 dpi).
  8. In case of having the front and back covers designed, the editable file in PSD (Adobe Photoshop®) or AI (Adobe Illustrator®) must be sent to make the necessary adaptations for the different publications, including fonts and embedded images.
  9. In case of using images downloaded directly from an internet search engine, preferably from a bank of images licensed for free use. Otherwise, you must specify where the image was purchased and you must send the information to place it on the legal pages inside. In case of using images downloaded directly from an internet search engine, please attach the image reference with the following format: “Last name, Initial. (year). Title of work (type). Retrieved from (Web page). Example : “Berger, L. (2023). Illustration of fuzzy systems. (illustration). Retrieved from http://example.website.com
  10. The cover design does not include adaptations to other types of designs such as posters, banners, among others.
  11. In case of requiring personalized illustrations, these have a delay of 5 extra business days and a cost of $50.00 US dollars for each.
  12. If the book contains illustrations inside, these must be sent separately in JPG format or PNG in high resolution (minimum 150 dpi) without being embedded within the original document. This is because most of the time, the images or illustrations embedded within the text document lose resolution and cannot be edited or remastered.
  13. Design times vary depending on the number of changes and the delay in sending the files by the author. THE COMPANY is not responsible for these changes and will decide if it increases the delivery and publication time at its discretion.
  14. The publishing service has 3 ISBNs per book (Hardcover, Softcover and eBook). If THE CLIENT wishes to add 2 more, for publications in black and white and in color for printed books, this has a cost of $180.00 dollars for each one, which must be confirmed before starting the publication.
  15. The final editable files generated are sent at the end of the approval process for both cover and interior design without exception.
  16. The publication date is subject to change without prior notice if THE COMPANY, after careful deliberation and with the full intention of customer satisfaction, considers it appropriate.
  17. THE COMPANY WAIVES ALL RIGHTS OVER THE WORK, AS WELL AS THE ROYALTIES GENERATED BY ITS SALE. Any process subsequent to the delivery of the final manuscript is the responsibility of the client.
  18. Once the Copyright Registration process has been completed and the physical document has been received at our offices, the REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE will be sent to your email in high-quality PDF format. This will serve as proof that THE CLIENT’s work has been registered worldwide. If THE CLIENT requires the physical document sent to his address, he will have to pay for the shipment from California, United States by FedEx Priority. For legal reasons and protection of your data, this document arrives directly at our offices in California in an average period of 3 months after sending the registration request and if approved.
  19. If you require printed copies, Amazon® has the on-demand printing service in the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Spain, and the Netherlands.
  20. Publication on Amazon KDP: As Amazon is a private identity and only has a printing company in some countries (example: Amazon.com), import and shipping costs are borne by the writer or reader, even if it is the case and conditions purchase, in print mode. In both cases, the cost of importation and shipping is variable depending on the country and state where it is required to send.

Cancellation Policy

This Cancellation Policy outlines the terms under which clients of Barker Books may cancel services they have contracted.

  1. Cancellation Request: Clients wishing to cancel a service must submit a cancellation request in writing to publishing@barkerbooks.com. The request must include the client’s full name, service purchased, and a detailed reason for the cancellation.

  2. Eligibility for Cancellation: Cancellation requests must be made within 06 days of the initial service purchase. Services that have been fully or substantially completed by Barker Books are not eligible for cancellation.

  3. Processing Time: Cancellation requests are processed within 7 business days of receipt. Clients will receive email confirmation once their cancellation has been processed.

  4. Refund Policy: Eligible cancellations will receive a refund, subject to a cancellation fee of 20% of the total service cost. Refunds are processed to the original payment method within 30 days of the cancellation confirmation.

  5. Non-Refundable Services: Certain services, such as expedited processing, ghostwriting services or custom orders, are non-refundable once work has commenced.

  6. Modifications to Services: If a client wishes to modify rather than cancel a service, they should contact Barker Books directly to discuss options. Modifications are subject to availability and may incur additional costs.

  7. Cancellation Due to Non-Payment: If a client fails to complete payment as per the agreed schedule, Barker Books reserves the right to cancel the service. In such cases, any partial payments made are non-refundable.

  8. Force Majeure: Neither party shall be liable for any failure to perform its obligations where such failure is as a result of Acts of Nature (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane, or other natural disasters), war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (regardless of whether war is declared), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power, or confiscation, terrorist activities, nationalization, government sanction, blockage, embargo, labor dispute, strike, lockout, or interruption or failure of electricity or telephone service.

  9. Changes to Cancellation Policy: Barker Books reserves the right to modify this Cancellation Policy at any time. Changes will be effective immediately upon posting on the website.

For any questions or concerns about this Cancellation Policy, please contact us at publishing@barkerbooks.com.


THE COMPANY informs and declares that to date it has collected and processed personal data from third parties, guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information for the development of its operation. By accepting the terms and conditions presented in this document, THE CLIENT expressly authorizes that his information be treated confidentially. THE COMPANY uses this data for the following purposes: a) Execute the contracts entered into; b) Publish books in our online bookstore distribution network; c) Use them for administrative purposes in the different activities carried out by THE COMPANY, in the exercise of its functions. THE COMPANY declares that at no time has it sold or will sell, transferred or will transfer, rent or rent, distribute or distribute, lend or lend, the personal and confidential data of THE CLIENT. Only employees of THE COMPANY have access to these and they (the employees) in turn have a confidentiality contract and NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) entered into with THE COMPANY. The personal data collected includes, among others: identification, contact information, professional information, tax information, bank information, among others.

All rights reserved to BARKER PUBLISHING, LLC.

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